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Garage Door Spring repair

We are the Areas Largest and Preferred Choice for Spring repair .

We are experts at Garage Door Spring repair. The torsion springs on your garage door are designed to make it seem very light and easy to operate. However, they don’t last forever. Most garage doors installed by builders are designed for about 10,000 cycles. That means they are designed to open and close your door about 10,000 times (That’s about 10 years if you open and close your door 3 times a day, most people use their door more often than that). That’s why garage door springs break. 

We are great at replacing garage door springs. There are a couple more reasons why springs can break. If they are the wrong size for the doors they can break early. Also we believe that if it a warm Texas day and a cold front comes through, we seem to get a lot of spring calls. We believe because of the thermal shock to the metal. This may not be 100% accurate but we have experienced anecdotal evidence in our 15 years of operation.

When the garage door springs eventually break, they no longer support the weight and the door becomes very hard to open. Since a typical garage door weighs more than 150 lbs, this means you will not be able to open and close the garage door until the springs are replaced. This is one of the most common problems we face, so our technicians can quickly and easily recognize the correct springs required for your door have your garage door running again in no time! 

Our technicians carry the most common Patrick door springs on their truck everyday so usually we can fix it on the first trip. If you have a quote for a spring repair on standard garage door over $500.00 you are paying too much. Note: Custom wood doors and large insulated doors may include up to 4 springs and could cost more to properly repair. If you have a quote from another company, don’t make a bad CHOICE, send them away even of you paid them $49 to show up. We will discount your price by the amount of their “show up” fee and the job will cost you less. Plus we give you a warranty on your new springs. We both win.

Broken Spring Repair



It’s difficult to say how often the springs will need to be replaced since it’s different for everyone. It depends on how often you use your garage door, how cold and long your winters are, how well you maintain your springs and many other factors. The best rule of the thumb is to check your springs regularly for signs of wear and damage and to replace them when they begin to appear tired.

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