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Commercial Garage Door

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A broken commercial garage door is not just inconvenient; it’s also a safety hazard to your employees. In addition to this, a door in need of garage door service or repair can threaten the security of your business’s location. At Maryland Commercial Garage Door, we work hard to ensure your business never has to go for very long without a working commercial garage door, so if your entry door is jammed or slipped off the track, contact us today for service.

We Take Commercial Garage Door Service Seriously

At Commercial Garage Door Service, we consider our customers our most valuable assets. Because of this, our maintenance plan for business owners includes:

Fast services – When one of the cables snaps or one of the tracks bends in the wrong direction, you’ll need immediate repairs. We can help!

Technicians you can trust – Every one of our garage door installation and repair technicians have passed a background check.  Whether you have problems with openers or cables and tracks, you can trust our technicians to treat you and your property respectfully.

Experience in the industry – We have had the pleasure of serving commercial locations throughout Maryland, Nashville. This has allowed us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge about commercial garage doors and the best ways to repair them.

Common Reasons Your Commercial Garage Door May Need Service or Repair

Does your commercial garage door need maintenance or repairs?

Maybe even just a tune-up?

To save you from being scammed by a garage door repair company, here are some reasons why your garage door may need fixing.

Malfunctioning Photo-Eye

Photo eyes are necessary to keep the garage door from closing if an object passes through or something is blocking the infrared beams. They are very important to lessen the chances of accidents. Photo-eyes though can be picky, and if one is not quite lined up correctly, it may cause your commercial garage door not to close. By moving the photo-eye so that it lines up with the other should cause the garage door to close.

Another reason the photo-eye could be malfunctioning is debris and dirt on the eye. Clean the photo-eye carefully and your door should now properly open and close.

Broken Spring

Spring is very important because it provides tension to help the garage door opener lift the garage door. This issue is easily diagnosed. Springs are usually above the garage door near a wall. If you have two springs on the wall, you will probably need both replaced. Warning: do not try this on your own. It can be dangerous. Call a professional repair company to handle it.

Malfunctioning Remote Control

If you tried to fix the door with photo-eyes and spring and there is still an issue, another reason could be your remote control to the garage door. The remote could just need a new battery. If you replace the battery and it still doesn’t work, call the garage door company to diagnose the problem. Usually, one would not need a new garage door opener, unless of course, it is more than 10 years old.

Noisy Door

Noisy doors are more common than you might think. There could be multiple reasons why your door is loud. This issue though can most likely be fixed with a manufacturer’s recommended lubricant. The parts of the garage door, including springs, hinges, and rollers, should be lubricated regularly to keep the parts running smoothly for years. If this isn’t the issue, contact us as you may need a replacement part of your garage door system.

Benefits You Get with a Commercial Garage Door Repair Service

1) Time and Money Savings

Depending on the repairs needed, a broken garage door could cause disruptions to your business. This could result in lost revenue and missed opportunities. Instead, hire a dedicated repair service provider to maintain your commercial garage door and alleviate potential headaches.

2) Access to the Latest Repair Tech

As experts in the field, a commercial garage door repair service team will have quality and up-to-date equipment that will ensure the job gets done quickly and safely the first time!

3) Access to Experts

Technicians will be able to draw upon years of experience servicing different doors in various settings. These experiences, coupled with wanting to protect the Overhead Door reputation, will help make sure your repair needs are addressed with a great customer experience.

4) A Go-To Resource for the Future

After an initial, and hopefully great, experience, you have established a lasting professional relationship with a service provider for future issues.

5) Decreased Risk of Hurting Yourself or Others

Garage doors are dangerous. Spare yourself and others the risk of getting hurt while trying to work with heavy and dangerous garage door components. Leave these repairs for the professionals.

Keep Business Flowing

Numerous companies rely on their overhead doors for generating an income. Just as a retail shop relies on its front doors for customers to come to make purchases, businesses such as auto shops, car washes, and warehouses rely on their overhead doors to keep business moving. By keeping up with maintenance, you make an unexpected breakdown during business hours a lot less likely.

This means that you’re less likely to have to turn away customers because you can’t get their vehicles inside the bay or because you can’t get the loading dock doors open. Downtime like that can cost a business a lot of money, but regular maintenance can prevent it from happening.

Prevent More Expensive Repairs

Regular maintenance can help to prevent more expensive damage down the road. When you ignore the need for maintenance and preventative services, you could be ignoring a fairly minor issue that could lead to a major problem if left unattended. For example, a worn-out spring could break suddenly, causing the door to drop and seriously damaging it as well as potentially damaging other property and injuring people.

If you’d maintained the door, the spring likely would have been replaced as soon as it showed signs of significant wear and tear. But now, you not only have the cost of replacing the broken spring but repairing any other damage to the overhead door as well. Even if nobody is hurt and no other property is damaged from the door dropping, this is a huge increase in repair costs.

As a business owner, it’s your goal to minimize expenses wherever possible in order to increase your profits. Regular overhead door maintenance is one of the simplest ways to do just that.

Prolong the Door’s Life Span

Speaking of minimizing overhead costs (no pun intended), regular maintenance services on your overhead doors can also help those doors last a lot longer. It’s a simple fact of life that properly caring for something helps it to last longer. Just as regular maintenance on your vehicle helps it to run more efficiently and prolongs its life, maintaining your garage doors can do exactly the same thing. This means you’ll have to replace those doors a lot less frequently, and you’ll be saving your business money.


While it may be simple to just ignore the warning signs of a damaged or aging commercial garage door system, by being proactive about commercial door repairs, you can prevent additional damages, avoid safety and security concerns and save money in the long run.

By hiring a professional commercial repair and maintenance technician for all of your commercial garage door services, you can also benefit from:

Improved safety measures: Industrial garage doors are incredibly heavy. When mishandled, they can cause significant personal and property damages.

Professional-grade equipment: A professional repair technician will have access to improved garage door repair tools and hardware for more complete and accurate results.

Experience and training: Every commercial garage door product is different, and professional technicians will have the training and knowledge necessary to accurately diagnose the issue with your garage door and recommend effective solutions.

Timely results: With better tools and more widespread experience, commercial repair professionals can complete your repairs in a more timely and efficient manner.

Prevention: When you hire an expert, they’ll inspect every part of your garage door system to ensure there are no additional repair needs — if they spot a weak area of your garage door, they can recommend effective solutions to prevent future issues.


If you’re a local Maryland business owner needing reliable, helpful, and professional commercial garage door services, contact the experts at Maryland Commercial Garage Door today. We’re a locally owned and operated company with decades of local experience and are dedicated to offering all our customers high-quality, comprehensive commercial garage door products and solutions. To learn more about our commercial garage door services



Do you have a business that involves the use of a warehouse, loading dock or other structure that requires a commercial garage door in or around Gallatin, TN? Do you have a company you know you can call for commercial garage door repair when you need it?


People with commercial garage doors have unique needs from those with garage doors on their homes. Commercial garage doors take much more punishment than your average residential garage door.


A residential garage door usually opens and closes twice a day — maybe three or four times at most. A commercial garage door can open and close many more times a day, every day of the week. With more wear on the door, parts can wear out faster and failures can happen more often. They also may be subject to extreme weather conditions and impacts from things like dropped boxes or runaway equipment, so they need to be tougher than residential garage doors.


If you do experience a failure, we are ready to help! Our dedicated service team can assess the problem and in many cases have your door or dock operational within a few short hours. From a rolling door that is stuck due to bent slats or broken end locks or a damaged guide assembly, to a sectional door that has been hit and come off the track, to an opener system that has failed, our team is trained to quickly and effectively address the problem. In many cases, we can make a complete and effective repair during the first visit. Other times, we can make a temporary repair while parts are sourced to make the final repair.


Some of the most common repair requirements include replacing broken springs and other counterbalance assembly components such as lift cables, cable drums, and counterbalance shaft and bearings. Springs are matched to specific door weight and track condition. This creates a problem in that it is nearly impossible to have this part immediately available. Our service team has devised a system of temporary repair that works for the majority of broken springs. This allows us to get your door operational during the time period it takes to obtain the correct replacement, alleviating downtime. If your door systems face high cycle usage and downtime is a major problem, we like to suggest that we become proactive – working with you to get an appropriate number of replacement springs put into your stock prior to breakage. The advantage here is that we can dispatch a team on rapid response and the part will be readily available on your site. This gets your equipment back online with minimal disruption and reduces cost by removing the need for a return trip.


For rolling doors, we can most often return these products to operational status on a temporary basis while parts are sourced. There have been many manufacturers over the years, resulting is some very specific slat profiles. We can source virtually any available profile as we have developed relationships with these suppliers over our many years in business.


Opener system failure can also occur. Our ability to service these systems is determined by the age and manufacturer of your system. Whenever possible and practical, we will repair these units and have many common parts in stock. When it is not practical or possible, we provide quick turnaround service for replacement. In most cases, we can have a new system installed within three business days. Of course, we can assist with all accessories and safety systems as well.


Commercial Garage Door Repair

Commercial Garage Door



For the highest quality in commercial or industrial garage doors, trust Garage Door Maryland. We bring you knowledge and expertise you desire for your installation process. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us today!

Can I decide to try and induce the doorway to do the job?

Perhaps one of the most dangerous actions you can take, particularly when it really is a matter of commercial overhead door or a rolling gate at Maryland, will be always to test and force the doorway to work. The business doors and gates could weight tens of thousands of pounds, and also seeking to force them push them aggressively can lead with serious injuries.

The most useful thing that you can perform is to speak to a contractor that deal exclusively in commercial overhead doors from Maryland ahead and work with you with the issue. At the exact same time, you might ask the contractor to lubricate the entranceway, tune it, and to ensure the doorway is safe to utilize again before he leave the spot.


Maybe not every garage door builder , can fix and install commercial garage doors. When it comes to high quality garage doors, that the ability become an crucial element. Since a business garage door is frequently used many times a day, it’s crucial that you focus on the door, and make sure there are no broken components, or that the doorway can be in a excellent state. Do not ignore the problem, since from our experience, it is only going to get worst. If you find that a issue, or when you think that there could be some thing wrong with the doorway, STOP USING IT, and contact a garage door company in Maryland.


Re-place Commercial Torsion-spring Maryland

A commercial torsion spring repair or replacement isn’t the type of projects that you wish to try and do by yourself. It might appear simple, and also you may know some one who know a thing or two about garage doors since he once installed a engine, but this won’t do the job here. Replacing commercial torsion spring, even whether it is a garage door in Maryland, or even perhaps a commercial overhead door in Staten Island, demand tools and knowledge which can save life.

You start with matching the door with the right spring, throughout the removal of the older spring, to the alteration of the new spring, there may remain unplanned”openings” you just did not prepare for, and also then section the ability and the knowledge is so vital.

We re-place torsion springs with very different springs. As soon as we notice that the spring are now not good for this kind of door, we would rather fully take them off, and put in the perfect springs to the doorway, depending upon the weight the size as well as different parameters we calculate when replacing torsion spring.

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